Why First Impressions Matter

When I was little, my parents always made me introduce myself to their adult friends or guests whenever I was with them. I never quite understood why.  Afterwards, they would give me feedback on how I had handled the introduction.  I usually received comments such as “you didn’t shake hands”, “don’t look down, look them

Life-Fit by Design

This blog was posted earlier today on educationismylife.com – for everyone passionate about education. For more information about this blog site contact @ajjuliani I recently had a phone conversation with @djschon, Director of Professional Learning for School Administrators of Iowa @sai_iowa.  During our chat, Dana made mention of a term I had not heard of

Mexican Food for the Soul

I spent the greater part of today catching up on my twitter thread, skimming through hash tags, and reading blogs from the past few days. It didn’t take long for me to notice numerous examples of meaningful relationships that have been formed on twitter over the past year. Maybe it is the holiday season or the

Through a Daughter’s Eyes – A Tribute to Sandy Hook

This story was originally shared with me yesterday by my Athletic Director Kevin Skillett and his wife Renee.  It is a touching reminder from their nine year-old daughter Katelyn of how we need to sit back sometimes and look at our world through a child’s eyes.  I thought the story was a fitting tribute to

Intellectual Curiosity – Trapped by the Three C’s

I recently committed to writing a post for my friend @ajjuliani on the topic of Intellectual Curiosity. In doing so, I reflected on my own school experience as both an educator and as a student and the role intellectual curiosity plays in the overall learning experience of the struggling student. Over the last twenty years, I have

Looking to Grow Your AP Program?

I recall reading a post by Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal) last summer about how he had been concerned about his school’s overall performance on their AP exams. What I admired most was how he and his staff were troubled by their results and instead of blaming the students for their poor performance, they took action. As

A Mantra to Strive For

It has been two weeks since I wrote and posted my first blog – “A Renewed Sense of Purpose.”  Like many other school leaders who have found a connection through social media, specifically twitter, I was inspired and then encouraged by members of my PLN who had created their own blogs as a way to

Picking up the Pieces

Last week I read Bill Burkhead’s (@NormandinBill) blog on building trust and making a difference. As I read his posting I reflected back on a number of interactions I had with students over the years.  Like Bill, I too prided myself on being able to connect with the most challenging and troubled students.  Much had

My First Home Visit With Larry Leonard

I still remember the first home visit I ever made to a student’s home. I was a teacher in the Milwaukee Public School system. It was not my idea, but rather a request made to me by my assistant principal at the time, Larry Leonard, who asked that I join him on a home visit.

A Renewed Sense of Purpose

I recently shared the following thoughts in my weekly Monday Memo to staff: The topic of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, continue to be topics of discussion throughout the educational arena.  As many of you know, I felt a obliged to try and expand my professional learning network last year to help me