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MOVING BEYOND THE STATUS QUO  Have we reached the point where we are content with the status quo?  What does organizational average mean for our kids, for our schools, and ultimately for our school communities? This begs the more important question we should always ask when we are confronted by the status quo.  What are we doing about it?  As school leaders it is our responsibility to not allow average to become our standard, but the idea of challenging the status quo can seem daunting, overwhelming to many.  In this session, teachers and administrators will learn how to move beyond the status quo and re-define the purpose of the work you do so you will aspire for nothing short of excellence.



CULTIVATING A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE  In this session, teachers and administrators will gain practical application strategies to build a school community where everyone has the opportunity to leave their legacy.  Hear first-hand and learn by example how establishing meaningful relationships and recognizing all members of the school community is an essential component to making a positive impact on the culture of a school and maximizing student learning; including fostering a culture of excellence, working with students and staff to create a community of leaders, and infusing a sense of pride within the school community.


LEADERSHIP: STRIVE TO BE TOMORROW…TODAY!  The fundamental belief that everyone has the capacity to lead is vital in developing a climate for change.  The distribution of leadership within a school is essential to ensure successful and sustainable reform and should not be left to chance.  The belief that all staff members, given a vision, support, and training, have the capacity to lead is central to the presentation.  Jimmy will share his expertise on strategies for selecting, developing, and growing teacher leaders.


TEACHING AND LEADING FOR EXCELLENCE: FROM BELIEFS TO BEHAVIORS  This session will focus on leadership–regardless of your role in education. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, coach, or secretary, if you serve students in any capacity, you are a leader. Jimmy will share a framework for exemplary leadership, exploring essential leadership practices and how to live these behaviors on a regular basis. Jimmy will also share key aspects regarding school climate and school culture and identify ways to create a community of leaders. You will learn not only why this matters, but also how you can enhance your leadership skills.


WHAT CONNECTED EDUCATORS DO DIFFERENTLY  Participants will learn the power of becoming a connected educator by focusing on eight key factors that make a difference. Through the use of Social Media tools and a Professional Learning Network, this session demonstrates the benefits of transforming the role of today’s educators from a traditional isolated learner to a connected learner. The positive impact of becoming a connected educator will be revealed and enable session participants to understand how the connections developed through social media can support them in cultivating a positive school culture and establishing a brand presence that extends far beyond the walls of the school community.


TWITTER…IS IT REALLY A GAME CHANGER?  Learn how one twenty-two year veteran principal made a conscientious decision to set a personal goal for himself to become more of a connected learner through the use of social media tools in order to grow a more meaningful network, expand his knowledge of available resources to share with his team and staff, and to gain greater insight on educational topics in order to be able to lead a school in a digital age.  By doing so, it has opened up other opportunities to explore and develop as an educator and as a leader.


THE SELECTION PROCESS – WHY FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER  What are others saying about your organization once they leave the interview?  Are they saying, “I wish I could work for that principal?”  If not, then you need to ask yourself, why not?  As leaders, we must be purposeful in modeling the behaviors we expect of our employees and set the standard for how we do business in our schools from the very first introduction.  Learn first hand how to approach the application/interview process with the intention of establishing a meaningful relationship and an emphasis on making a positive first impression with each and every candidate.


PROVEN STRATEGIES TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF HEARING THESE WORDS – YOU’RE HIRED!  Why is it some individuals stand out more than others?  What is it that makes us want to say to some candidates, “you’re hired” before they ever leave the interview room?  Whether you are a teacher, businesswoman, retail clerk or looking to become an intern for a Fortune 500 company, your opportunity for being selected is dependent more on you and your approach than it is on the process being used by potential employers.  By becoming more strategic in your preparation, you will begin to separate yourself from those who seek what you seek; that feeling of when you finally hear the words…you’re hired!





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