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Why Would You Expose Yourself to All of That “Crap?”

I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine recently when he asked me if I was seriously considering a Superintendent position.  “Someday,” I responded. “I feel like I have another good run in me and besides, I want to be a part of taking a school district to the next level.  Leading an

My One Word? Better Yet…My Mantra

With two days left in 2016, I was feeling an immense pressure to come up with my New Year’s Resolution for 2017. I had contemplated not committing to a resolution but that idea seemed evasive and quite frankly, like a cop out. After all, goal setting is healthy, not just for the mind, but for

What Do You Agonize About?

Lately I have been praying for some of my friends and colleagues in the education profession. Some of you may think that is odd while others may be saying, “don’t forget to send a few prayers my way,” but I am sincere in my thoughts because for 25 plus years, I lived in their world.

Check Boxes: 8 Things We Need to Uncheck

It was another beautiful Saturday and once again I found myself indoors typing away feverishly on my computer as I cranked out evaluation after evaluation.  It was the third consecutive weekend that I had dedicated time to sorting through portfolios that teachers had submitted as part of the evaluation process.  Don’t get me wrong, in