Why Would You Expose Yourself to All of That “Crap?”

I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine recently when he asked me if I was seriously considering a Superintendent position.  “Someday,” I responded. “I feel like I … Continue Reading →

My One Word? Better Yet…My Mantra

With two days left in 2016, I was feeling an immense pressure to come up with my New Year’s Resolution for 2017. I had contemplated not committing to a resolution … Continue Reading →

What Do You Agonize About?

Lately I have been praying for some of my friends and colleagues in the education profession. Some of you may think that is odd while others may be saying, “don’t … Continue Reading →

School Offices Must Serve as Sanctuaries

As Abby walked into the school building she had a sinking feeling in her stomach. It was November and she had just moved into a new community. She was nervous … Continue Reading →

Want to Be a Successful Leader? Learn to “ARM” Yourself

Successful leaders who I have met and learned a great deal from over the years have shared a common trait; the ability to be strategic in their thoughts, their decisions … Continue Reading →

Culture Killers: Staff Issue or Leadership Issue?

I was talking with a 2nd grade teacher the other day about dealing with difficult people when during the conversation I noticed her eyes begin to tear up.  It was … Continue Reading →

Wherever You Are Going, You Are Almost There

A couple of weeks ago I was hiking with my two daughters in Yosemite National Park when a father and his two sons walked up to us as we examined … Continue Reading →

Great Change Begins with Self-Change

I was nineteen years old, a college dropout, and no clue what to do next.  To say I was struggling would be a huge understatement.  I knew I was in … Continue Reading →

Check Boxes: 8 Things We Need to Uncheck

It was another beautiful Saturday and once again I found myself indoors typing away feverishly on my computer as I cranked out evaluation after evaluation.  It was the third consecutive … Continue Reading →

The Untitled Leader

One of my favorite movies of all time is, A Few Good Men, released in 1992, starring Tom Cruise.  That court room scene I have watched dozens of times over the … Continue Reading →